Making Do

I was getting ready to go out and hunt down some warbands, but decided to stop off at the wardrobe to change some things up a little. This is my standard medium armor set up, dyed orange and umber and using the free orange warsteed gear dye on the Steed of the Hunter Cosmetics. I would have preferred olive green for my hunter as he normally wears, but I did not have the matching color in the warsteed gear colors.

Getting ready to head out.

A little flourish – Pathfinder is being feisty.

Scouting around for something to shoot at.

Target acquired!

Run Away!

Almost there…

Back home safe.

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  1. Looks good! Supporting Dutch Footbal, keep it going! :grin:
    It’s nice to see the Class steeds having a war-steed appearance. Now let’s wait and see if the prices for the colors will be lowered…. I assume the war steed appearance will only be available if you’ve got the RoR expansion?
    Good luck with your site and your petition. I’ve signed it even though I don’t have the expansion yet.

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    • It is indeed, and used on the Steed of the Hunter Cosmetics, it comes out about the same color as green skittles candy. It is extremely bright!