Traits: Warsteed Basic Training

Training your new Warsteed seems a daunting project at first, but once you understand a few key points, it is rather simple. This guide will cover the basics of using the Traits tab of the Mounted Combat Panel.


Upon receiving your Warsteed and opening the Mounted Combat panel [Shift+M], the traits tab will display the screen above. Once you have chosen your steed type you will then be taken to a window that displays three different trait lines. The Red line is for DPS, the Blue for tanking/utility and the Yellow is for speed and maneuverability. The traits in each line are different depending on what size steed you choose.


Traiting Basics

Spending training points on traits in this panel work similarly to any other game with skill trees. In this case, putting points into the first trait in any given line will open up the ability to put points into additional traits below the first. There are also five stat traits at the top of the window that allow you to increase your steeds agility, strength, power, endurance, and armor.

By the time your steed reaches it’s current maximum level of 50, you’ll have 77 trait points to spend which will fill up quite a bit of each tree and the five basic traits at the top.

Saving Specs

You can save your favorite trait set ups by using the Trait Slots on the right hand side of the panel. You will have the ability to save two different presets at first, and can unlock additional slots via the LOTRO Store. These slots work similar to the Outfit slots your character has to change outfits on the fly. To set up an additional Trait preset click the desired Traits Slot on the right, it will ask you if you wish to save your current set up and then you will be able to spend points again in the new slot. Once that is done and saved you can swap back and forth on the fly.

You can use this to set up different presets for the same size steed, or to swap back and forth between different steed sizes.

At the bottom of the screen is a button to refund all your points for in-game coin, if you want to start a Traits slot over from scratch.


Changing Steed Type

If you want to change your steed type in a certain Traits slot, click the refund button. You will then be looking at the Steed Type selection screen again. Click the Enter button for the desired steed type and spend your points. Upon the next summoning of the steed it will arrive as the new steed type.


How Bridles Work with Traits

The weight of the bridle used is not explicit to the side of the steed chosen, you can use any size bridle with any steed type. It will however benefit you the most (usually) when your steed type and bridle match.  For instance a light bridle will get legacies that directly affect traits that can only be found in the light steed trait lines.

For more information about bridles click here.

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